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Sep 28 2021 Ajinkya k

Enterprise A2P SMS is becoming significantly popular with growing adoption in the banking, healthcare, retail, and travel sectors

Enterprise A2P SMS has been historically traditionally highly commercialized and this still continues; however, this is also the case these days, especially when words such as business, industry, service provider, etc. are commonly associated with A2P messages. However, in recent years the extent of A2P messaging has increased manifolds and these kinds of messages are being used by various government agencies and other security services to communicate confidential information. A private network that is protected by multiple firewall devices and a firewall itself offers a good enterprise A2P SMS experience. Firewalls can either be run manually or can be configured automatically.

One important point to note about enterprise A2P SMS messaging is that it can be used internally by the company itself or by external third parties as well. It depends upon the policies and the terms of service agreed upon between the organization and the external service provider. There has been considerable growth during the forecast period due to the expansion of enterprise A2P SMS services across the world. The use of SMS in the enterprise sector is increasing day by day and this has led to considerable growth during the last few years. SMS marketing is gaining immense popularity and its usage in the enterprise sector is growing at a tremendous pace. SMS marketing is a cost-effective strategy that allows to reach out to a larger number of people all around the world and this leads to significant growth in the overall sales volume.

To understand the market size and the customer engagement services provided by a company, it is very important to have an insight into the basic protocols of SMS marketing. SMS marketing is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to market a product to the right audience at the right time. Customer size is largely dependent upon the level of competition prevalent in the enterprise area. The level of competition refers to the amount of revenue churned out per year by the organization. On average, large enterprises spend millions of dollars on marketing and promotion and hence attract a substantial number of new customers as well. The growth in the enterprise as a market during the forecast period depends on the level of investment required by the company for advertising and promoting its products. It is important to analyze the type of competition prevalent in the market and use the appropriate strategies to reach out to the right customer segment.

The second component of the SMS market size is the level of revenue churned out by the organization per year. Enterprise A2P SMS services have a specific customer profile, wherein there are different types of customers like business customers, enterprise customers, institutional customers, government customers, and so forth. Each customer segment has a different set of needs and expectations, which requires different types of messaging services. The third component is the type of customer used by the organization to deliver messaging services. There are three categories that are broadly used by organizations across Asia. These are B2B, which stands for business to business and includes a range of industries such as finance, commerce, telecom, and information technology, while the other categories are end-users, which include users such as business clients, employees, and others. In the enterprise A2P SMS market, B2B is outstripping end users. End users are growing at a faster pace, however they are still not as huge as the B2B users.

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