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Sep 17 2021 Ajinkya k

Coconut Milk Powder Is a Vegan Alternative of Milk and Is Used In Several Baking and Food-Producing Processes and Are Highly Marketed In the World

Coconut milk is derived from mature coconut meat and is produced abundantly in some parts of the tropics. It is popular all over the world and used for its health-giving benefits. However, it is relatively costly than soy and almond milk and some brands are priced too high for the general public. There are substitutes though, including products derived from the milk of green coconuts which is still less expensive and just as healthy. Here are some of our favorite recipes where substitute coconut milk can be an excellent substitute.

One of the most popular uses for coconut milk powder in Western recipes is in the dessert stage. Coconut milk powder takes the place of cream in many hot chocolate and ice cream recipes. The powder adds a smooth and creamy texture, along with a rich sweetness not found in ordinary hot cocoa. To make a hot cocoa substitute, simply replace the cocoa powder in most hot cocoa recipes with a small amount of coconut milk powder. Other uses include making milkshakes, coffee shakes, and cream-filled pastries.

Another good use for coconut milk powders is in soups. The thick, creamy liquid can replace cream or milk in soups, sauces, and chowders. It does not curdle milk as quickly, and it holds up well to the longer-cooking process. If users want to add more coconut milk powders to soups, simply increase the amount of liquid used, but be sure not to drown the ingredients in the liquid. For example, if users put in one tablespoon of coconut milk powder in soup, then add another tablespoon of liquid and watch it.

Users can also substitute coconut milk powder in their favorite dessert recipes. The product comes in a variety of flavors, and the same can be said of coconut meat. Vanilla and chocolate are two popular choices for dessert powder, but users can also use vanilla extract, almond extract, or just plain old vanilla. The powders do not melt into the cake, as does the meat; they work more like a thick pudding. However, the product will not disappear completely, so they can expect to have at least some texture in the dessert.

In addition to the traditional uses for cakes and biscuits, users can also bake cookies and other baked goods in coconut milk powder. Users just need to mix the powder and water until smooth and creamy and use it as a flour for striking the dough. Likewise, it makes an excellent gluten-free alternative to flour when baking anything from pizza to a loaf of bread. When making cookies, be sure not to over-beat the mixture, as the texture can be coarse.

Users might also try using coconut milk powder as a substitute for tapioca starch, a common ingredient in many baked goods. While both products come from the same tree, each has its benefits. Coconut milk powder contains less fiber than tapioca, which makes it a healthier choice for baked goods. Moreover, coconut milk powder contains fewer calories than coconut flour, making it a healthier option for cooking as well.

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