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Sep 28 2021 Ajinkya k

Apixaban; FDA Approved Anticoagulant Used To Treat Venous Thromboembolic (VTE)

Apixaban is an anticoagulant medication used to treat and prevent blood clots and to prevent stroke in people with non-valvular atrial fibrillation. It makes blood flow through veins more easily. This means blood will be less likely to make a dangerous blood clot. It is used to treat people who have had a health problem caused by a blood clot, such as a stroke. The Food and Drug Administrator (FDA) has approved apixaban for the treatment of venous thromboembolic (VTE) that forms within a vein. VTE is a condition in which a blood clot forms most often in the deep veins of the leg, groin or arm and travels in the circulation, lodging in the lungs (known as pulmonary embolism, PE).

The primary mechanism of action of apixaban is the inhibition of platelet adhesion molecules. This molecule is present in the plasma membrane of many blood vessels and is responsible for the formation of blood clots that lead to ischemic strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. In recent years, we have seen an increase in the frequency of stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases as a result of increased levels of this non-neovascular protein. While it is possible that apixaban can improve platelet functioning and thereby prevent or decrease the risk of stroke, However, there is a possibility of side effects in patients taking this medication.

Side effects include headache, swelling or joint pain, red or black, tarry stools, red, pink, or brown urine, heavy vaginal bleeding, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, and coughing up or vomiting blood or material that looks like coffee grounds. Apixaban can be taken only after the advice and consent of your doctor, because it is a prescription medication. It is not recommended for those who have ever had surgery involving the arteries or any form of cardiovascular surgery like heart bypass, angioplasty, pericardial balloon, or stent placement. Individuals with diabetes should also avoid taking this medication, as well as those who are on any other type of blood-thinning medicine.

One of the most important things to remember when taking apixaban is that the medication cannot be tolerated well by those who suffer from allergic conditions to the ingredients of the medicine. Therefore, before taking the medicine, one should first consult the doctor and find out whether its ingredients can be tolerated or not. If the doctor confirms that one cannot tolerate the drug's ingredients, it should be stopped immediately. Some people may find it difficult to follow the dosage directions given on the medication package. For these people, there is another option available in the form of the syringe.

The FDA recently approved the first-ever generic versions of Eliquis (apixaban), a medication that helps prevent stroke, blood clots, and embolisms. The generic versions will offer lower-cost alternatives for people who struggle to afford brand-name Eliquis. Apixaban help prevent strokes or blood clots in people who have atrial fibrillation (a condition in which the heart beats irregularly, increasing the chance of clots forming in the body and possibly causing strokes) that is not caused by heart valve disease. Apixaban (Eliquis) is the third new oral anticoagulant recently labeled to reduce the risk of stroke in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation.

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