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Sep 03 2020 mandeep Singh

7 Ways to Increase Conversion & Drive Sales through Social Media

Social media becomes a powerful & valuable tool for businesses. It will help you to build & maintain your brand name, transform a prospect into a loyal customer base and boost sales. Till now, most marketers are pretty much familiar with the benefits of being their businesses on any social media platform.

Before moving towards social media, you are probably invested in other channels like SEO, PPC, email marketing and content marketing. So, it’s time to boost your social media marketing techniques and get set ready for the increase in sales.

Running a social media page for your business is not enough until & unless you are not contributing towards revenue for your company. Above all, social media enhances the success at every stage of sales funnel, i.e. awareness, interest, evaluation & purchase.

If you have a social media page for your company, then the following tips will help you to increase conversion rate & drive sales:-  

  • Know Your Target Audience

The very first step for running any social media platform is to know about your target audience & meet them where they are most active.

Instead of using your time & resources in building multiple accounts on different platforms, focus on few platforms & create your account accordingly. It is essential to know what particular platform your audience is using & focus on that platform. 

  • Invest in Paid Ads

After knowing your target audience, now it’s time to show your presence to them. Social media platforms have many users, even beyond our thinking. Yet if you have found your target audience, it is unworthy until the audience notices your brand.

Therefore, the best way to keep the eyes of your audience on your brands & drive sales in social media platforms is either through paid ads or through promoting your content.

  • Be Crisp & Clear   

The ideal length of posts for social media platforms varies from one another. On Twitter, the platform limits the number of characters you are using. On the other hand, in platforms like Facebook, users can even make paragraphs for your post.

But, no one has time to study the whole paragraph, so it is better to be specific and short. Also, it provides the full information about what you are trying to say to your customer about your brand. Moreover, more concise updates get more views in comparison to a long paragraph.

  • Learn from Past Campaigns

Like other things in business, it is equally important to take a note of past mistakes and make small changes to your campaign to make it more successful. For this, you can use the insights & analytics of social media platforms so that you know what is working or what isn’t.

Also, with the learning from past campaigns, the business owner should try new things & not be afraid of being failed. Maybe the new changes will give success to your brand, increase conversion & boost your sale.

  • Stay Active & Enthusiastic

Once you are on social media & users start following you, you need to do every possible thing to make them engage as much as possible with your brands. So, always be active & Enthusiastic.

If you want to transform your followers into your customers, stay active on a daily basis that will create more real interaction with your audience.

If a follower wants to know anything about what you have posted, instant reply to them works a lot. It will give them an impression that we are more focused on them & also we are having the mindset that “Customers are God.”

  • Users love Pictures

One of the best practices to engage your audience with your brand is whatever you are posting on your social media platform don’t forget to add a picture on your post. It attracts more users & the hit on that particular post is more compared to the post without having a picture. And, which ultimately helps you to increase sales.

  • Run Contests & Offer Exclusive Deals

If your followers enter your contest by posting your content from their profile, their friends or followers will automatically see it as well. And, if it is interesting & add value to their lives, they will definitely buy your products & services.

For this, you can also provide some exclusive deals to your followers or something they can’t get anywhere else so that they can’t get rid of it without purchasing your products.


These are some of the advantageous ways your brand can increase conversion & boost sales by using the social media platform. You can check, most of the tips are for gaining the trust of the audience & make them a loyal customer for yourself so that they will automatically become your brand advocates.

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