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Jul 29 2020 Simon Cheng

6 Major Brands that Accept Cryptocurrency

If you’ve paid much attention to the business world in recent years, you’ve at least heard the term Bitcoin. What you might not know is that it’s gaining more acceptance every day as big companies become more familiar with the payment form and realize how it can make life easier for their businesses. These days, several companies are starting to accept cryptocurrency — and some have accepted it from the beginning.


1. Overstock

Amazon’s rival has been all-in on cryptocurrency for years now, and it’s allowed them to capture the market of those who like the convenience of Amazon and the ease of paying with Bitcoin. Amazon itself only allows Bitcoin payments through a third party, making Overstock the choice for those who don’t want to involve a middleman in their transactions.


2. Microsoft

On-again, off-again pretty much sums up Microsoft’s relationship with cryptocurrency. Bill Gates said in 2014 that Bitcoin was better than currency, but four years later, he had changed his mind and became very much opposed to it. Now, he’s back on the Bitcoin train. This is in large part because it’s one of the few currencies that’s accessible to anyone, even those who have seen their currencies collapse.


3. NewEgg

It’s pretty appropriate for a company that focuses on selling computer hardware and electronics to accept a cryptocurrency. You can’t use it to pay for gift cards or subscriptions, but just about anything else from the site is fair game.


4. CheapAir

How would it feel to be able to get away with Bitcoin? Now you can. CheapAir offers everything a traveler might need, including flight, hotel, and rental car. All of them can be paid for with Bitcoin, and CheapAir is the only travel site that allows cryptocurrency payments.


5. DishNet

Yes, you can pay for satellite television with Bitcoin these days. In fact, you’ve been able to pay for DishNet using Bitcoin for the past five years. It’s only available for one-time payments, so as long as you remember to log in and pay your bill, it’s a great option.


6. Reeds Jewelers

Bitcoin can even be used to purchase a ring for the love of your life. All Reeds Jewelers locations accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, so if that’s where you want to spend your cryptocurrency, you’re free to do so.

The Crypto Revolution Is Set to Grow!

As cryptocurrency becomes more stable and companies like TraDove provide assistance in making these payments work, it’s pretty likely that Bitcoin will earn greater acceptance around the world. Adopting this technology early can help your business gain market share and build consumer loyalty for decades to come!


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